I applied for the Stimulus Check! … and Atomoxetine report

Been going pretty well. For starters I’m taking the atomoxetine generic 60mg capsule at 8:00AM each day, followed by the 18mg atomoxetine generic capsule at 12:00PM as well. I’ve been getting closer to finally studying the “Python for DevOps” book (O’Reilly) so I can get a job off disability that pays good for my age and tech background. My dose of 18mg was upped to 25mg on Friday so I expect to receive the new capsules next week.

I filled out the IRS.gov portal form for “Non-filers” since I get SSI and look forward to getting my coronabux. I’m supposed to get $1,200. I was thinking I should go to Macy’s and buy decent clothes rather than wear rags to a DevOps interview if I can ever manage to get the skills I need to beat one. I think it would be good to have a sophisticated appearance maybe some nice casual denim. Anyway, I got 40 likes on my recent Instagram post, it is the most I’ve ever gotten on one. I am unsure of a direction to monetize this blog.

I don’t know if I will ever take blogging to a financial independence level, and am probably going to stick with just updating the world about my life. I have to do something, because the amount of money the government gives me is not sustainable long term. I mean I am 37 and still don’t have a car. I hate having to lug groceries home all the time. Doing CI CD DevOps would open the door to the Alfa Romeo and I’d have more money to spend. I’m more geared for the challenges that CI CD DevOps provides, as I have a MIT and computer hacker background, which is excellent for being considered for employment in the trade.

I have to focus on my odds of getting hired. Right now it was 1 in 100 to get just a skills demonstration opportunity at a company. After that, odds are in my court as to convincing them I am worth it for the job. If I get a GED, which I doubt applies much to the technical craft of CI CD DevOps, I should look a little better but I doubt I’m competing much with others who also don’t have them. I could tuck it on the side get some money for myself and just be studying for it at home. As it stands my shell scripting skill faded due to capacity issues although I have a chroot-jailer script on Github (I was in a dimension of tech before the modern container was introduced- got it from my experience on the St. Helena Registry backend). I lost my spirit for tech and became a bit detached from it and my scripting/programming skills faltered. But to be honest: They were never right anyway. They were developed half-assed so I have to really sit and use learning comprehension to develop better skills, think more like a programmer, etc.

For example, when I do Codewars my solutions to problems look NOTHING like other people’s. You can see that they are clearly a hackjob. They need to be more Pythonic and neat. I might need modafinil (a drug) from Dr. Mai or have to order it with BTC to get the full stimulation I need to be into programming with a knack “mindsharp” angle. I’m hoping the Strattera generics carry me far enough. The other day I felt kind of in with the “Python for DevOps” book, but I’ve yet to carry any full tasks of execution in a consistent way that it takes to break salary level employment.

SO I remain on my SSI perch, probably going hungry for awhile -all until I am successful at what I came to Silicon Valley to achieve. One thing that is ass backwards about “Silicon Valley” is that when I first came here I was offered a $500 side job doing LDAP server migrations.. I think it came from my posting on Craigslist. Since then I have never been able to find this type of side work ever. I get stupid idiots asking me to hack their girlfriend’s gmail account, or assholes expecting me to travel two hours on the VTA just to make a $20. I had to put “minimum $200-500” on my Craigslist ad and that I would be happy to meet them at their office (thus filtering out crap). Still did not succeed, and this was during adult education as I wanted the real diploma instead of a GED.

One thing I also know is there is a DNS Jobs OARC mailing list. I tried constantly as a ccTLD experienced one to find a job doing BIND stuff (they even have the book for BIND9 at the San Jose MLK Jr. library) on registries or local Linux systems. I do need to learn Ansible. If I had that as a skill that would put me on the talent map for sure. People doing Ansible can provision servers, on-prem or cloud. Anything I do to get extra money for myself has to be met with memorization. It is a lot to memorize to know the ins and outs of say, Kubernetes, Docker, or Ansible. I am evading minimum wage have stopped talking to people who recommend it I don’t take them too seriously. I did not ride SSI and attain a tech background only to find myself going back in time with my ways. This is a time for advancement!

Coronavirus leaves no GED option as testing centers are closed but I am excited for the 25mg atomoxetine coming next week!!! I get to see if it finally gets me on task to CI CD DevOps employment. It takes pure skill and knowledge of all facets of AWS to break employment. If I can finally manage to just do it instead of being in an “off-switch” position towards it all the time I will stand to benefit hugely as my background puts a key in a lock! Even check me out on LinkedIn. I have the “starboy” brand and even rode some magic “stargazing” effect with Travis Scott’s song and Strattera. Pretty cool.

So I will wrap this up by adding I think it is cool filing “non-filer” form for the IRS for the Supplemental Security Income recipients. It makes them feel less alien to the work world. Gishida is now into taxpayer worker understanding, so this adds a whole new dimension of ability to the SSI disabled – as in, the marking of disability now has a whole new point of perspective to act within. Knowing the ins-and-outs of Ansible or Kubernetes is work! We do it to get paid!