A Wonderful Day to Channel New Energies

Today has been good. Felt the atomoxetine heights a bit today. I’ve been taking my 3000mg aniracetam from NootropicsDepot consistently and noticed I’m a bit sharper. I’ve managed to get an extended withdrawal from the college classes I was taking because I’m not really able to take college classes. Something about 250x rejections from DevOps engineer employment killed my enthusiasm a lot for tech but I have to carry on.

To carry on I’ve been getting some pushy sensations to start on GED to better my programming disciplines more with mathematics especially. It has been a slow course as I wait for the generic Strattera to take effect. The norepinephrine pump activation is definitely a chemical pusher and I like the generic Strattera more than Schedule II drugs such as Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) and even Schedule IV benzodiazepines. It completes a part of me that I am always seeking to medicate, which is good. I’ve been up with Instagram taking good photographs of Mimi the street cat and my vape equipment.

Nuking potatoes in the oven (from Instagram @dankchronic)

The coronavirus has been running its rounds here in the US and I’m pleased to say that even though I’ve had some contact with the public and its transportation I have not come down with any illness. I have a mask but it is not very clean so I am doing my best to avoid illness. The challenge of finding productivity in my current living scenario is that I live with 12 other guys so the only places to study at are disruptive and there is generally no room to bring out a binder, a GED book, the 6th grade math book, etc. and get to work. I’m hoping to get past my mental obstacles though (as I see it, I could still whittle away at it if I didn’t have them) so I can do something good with my time during shelter in place.

I live in California in the great San Francisco Bay Area region and I’m trying for a salary with my background but by the time I’m skilled enough I probably won’t be relevant with CityDrinker, Inc. on my resume anymore. It is already up to 2011 to present for employers to see, which is 8 years 6 months. My ccTLD experience noted on Slashdot and the BBC is pretty legendary, and I’ve got MIT-noted mention for crashing BitchX by panasync with an ANSI terminal glitch bomb as a kid. So experience wise I’m good just need Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, CI CD, and Python/bash skills. I’m still at a standstill with my life as I’m mostly inactive holed up at home, but the magic of generic Strattera is rising in me. A better focus can be, chemically.