Life at the SLE

Today we did “double scrub” at the SLE (sober living environment) and it went by pretty effectively. For work like this I like to have Gishida bring a motivation effect and mute out things. It has been going OK with atomoxetine. I am on day 2 of 18mg in the afternoon to accompany my 60mg morning dose. My goals are to take on DevOps not be perceived as an amateur and be respected with the ccTLD ‘planetary hacker’ background for it is experience and it is elite.

GED is secondary to making money and I’m forced to take a GED because the adversary attacks with distraction techniques when I try to do adult education. It is an actually more an option now as food isn’t as tough now that California gave me an EBT increase. I was relying on DNS Jobs OARC and Craigslist to get me minimum $200-500 project jobs for Linux and BIND since I have ccTLD experience you’d think that America had a way for me to graduate adult school but that was not the case. Craigslist dicked around with me, offering me $20 to travel 45 minutes each way or not taking me seriously and saying “Can you hack my sister’s gmail?” Now school is shut down due to coronavirus.

I got my laptop from Gardner FSP in San Jose with a little Bluetooth Microsoft mouse. I could do my Python for DevOps book but I am probably going to cut at the 6th grade mathematics book and the GED book both are from Amazon. I have 5 years to go until I get my Section 8 housing voucher in San Diego. This is fall back in case skills development for DevOps doesn’t get me a life for myself, complete with a car, an apartment, and good medical care to continue taking the generic Strattera.

I own and still want weed to be legal so I can make business income. I could also sell the domain, however, it has been suggested that I keep it. There is not much to report today. It is raining outside, chores for the house are done, and I’m getting $30 today to eat. I’m really blessed to have friends that help. Daniel Wood bought me e-juice and unfortunately his server got hacked but we are working on securing the sites on his server ( is hosted there, but is new so the hackers didn’t touch it).

There is nothing else to do but carve out a way for myself in CI CD DevOps AWS build-release process engineering. It feels like I might go that direction. Living a life on disability even with CityDrinker experience is not something I intend to have but I have to be willing. I dropped my college courses because the intensive coding of Python wasn’t really my thing at the time. Unfortunately, it has to be and I am hoping the atomoxetine will make me amped up for technology, get me past all the ugly shit in it and get me a living salary so I can have money and drive.

My setup at the SLE