I have been taking atomoxetine for at least 10 months for my ADHD. It is a good drug when it works. For the most part, when it works it gives you feelings of being “amped” up toward things you wouldn’t normally do. For me, it is sort of starting to work toward technology (DevOps skills homebrew labs, required for employment) and hints of GED are present. I felt like talking about it a bit today. Those things I intended to do to better my life seem impossible to do without a chemical push.

My dose is 60mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM. Today I got some good effects from it which give an indication it might work. This is after my 3 month supply of Mind Lab Pro, (which I took the full course of) ran out. I have been spending my days mostly inactive during quarantine. I have remained in doors only going out to walk to the park to get some exercise. I also take aniracetam 3000mg with it on an empty stomach. I source my aniracetam from Nootropics Depot. I also take OptimALA 400mg, which I’ve noticed does add some benefit to the atomoxetine.

I’ve been trying to collect $30 in BTC using the wallet with a wallet address from DeMarcus (or “core boy”, his name is Marc and he is a friend from Wildomar, CA). I need it to get a $99 modafinil/armodafinil sample pack as I am always experimenting to make atomoxetine work better. However, as of today I’m not sure if I’ll need modafinil/armodafinil anymore. The atomoxetine might actually work.

I was going to De Anza College for the Winter to study Python programming and advanced Linux but I dropped out. I decided I want to retake the classes later as I’m not mentally equipped to handle intensive coding or shell scripting classes very well. The atomoxetine might be a game changer for taking tech and I’ll know if it works in a week. I still got financial aid which was $770 or so, and even though I dropped I got to keep the money.

I would keep writing but I am new at this and want to close. I am probably not executing this right, as I notice I start a lot of sentences with “I” and that blogs about peoples every day lives are not all that interesting nor do they have a great potential to make money. So I am feeling I probably won’t be much of a success in the blog arena. I don’t live a very active life full of things to add content on just yet. With DevOps I will be making $120,000 to $140,000 a year, but even that is pretty far away. They ask for bachelors or master’s degree but I hacked the planet and have ccTLD experience so I just ignore all that and apply anyway. It’s like a GED of that :).

Finally, I wanted to add: I am disappointed in our government. They still wont legalize marijuana. I want to make a brand with someday while I’m young ideally. I have to apply my time to other things as the weed might not take off for decades possibly, even this upcoming presidential campaign is turning out to be bad for federal cannabis legalization. Have you tried Kratom? I find it to be quite stimulating and am also saddened that the government is attacking it as an “unapproved food additive”.

I’m an active user on Instagram, you should come find me. My handle is @dankchronic. You can follow my life in photographs there!

Shown here: atomoxetine 30 days x 18mg ($431.79)!