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There's shit to clean up

Haya, Enki, and Suen stole a window for Chuck.

HAHA hey Enki look what we got at Suen's ROLEX ⌚

Your time is coming! HAHAHAHA


It is called "GLASSDOOR TECH"

and at LinkedIn.com

📑 #civilcomplaintinclusiondillemma

We're making a list of the #shitcompanies. Greenhouse.io was Enki dominator's ragdoll for a moment. We'll tear a carcass of a company open and dump its remains out.


By the way when Rolex wears his gorget he's serious. You better not hide behind Greenhouse.


Why is marijuana so shady? A remarkable Strattera journey.

In the early days of the 1900s marijuana was prosperous and filled with good music. Now it seems to attract negative in its status of illegality. This is a thought piece, and I have noticed negative shadiness since I got my laptop. It is so precious I feel like everyone wants to rip it off. I'm pretty safe though, I know decent people are around and the cops are a call away but still cannot carry mace as a felon in California.

Inspired by my attempt to make a #Facebook post:

Today at Gardner, why I like LinuxAcademy (Dan is finally wrong!)

Gardner's drop in center My life in a nutshell

"Doing a #blog post for dankchronic.com this will be the picture for it. I am #finishing #probation for Judge Manley aim to #graduate for expungement.

My first post, introduction to Enlil

As I am at Starbucks near Curtner working with my new Drupal site I'm listening to "Virtual Symmetry - See You". The song brought a lot of happiness while the Strattera kicked in. For those who don't know, I've taken Strattera (Atomoxetine) for about 12 days now due to lazy, depressed, and sluggish motivation. In general, an inclination to procrastination which has been effecting me in productivity. It has been a good ride.

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