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Day 15 atomoxetine. Week 3 of DeAnza Linux class.

I'm at week 3 of my Advanced Linux certificate waiting for class 1/2 to start for the week. This morning I was exhausted hardly felt like getting out of bed but I had to kick myself to go get bank statements, a $20, a rental agreement, and an olanzapine prescription. SSA wants some of these items for SSI and I bought some chew. DeAnza said even though I owe them $57 I can still take the class as it is a debt less than $100. I plan on paying with my SSI.

Found a Python cookbook

I was reading Reddit 'r/devops' and found a Python cookbook for Python 3. I am going to go through it and memorize as much as I can eventually. I am still waiting for Strattera to kick in as this is day 14. It is remarkable. Here is the book if you need it:


New DevOps training candidate for hire.

I read on Reddit you can become a trainee and get groomed into DevOps.


This is good news for me, I will end up being a really good DevOps engineer at a company with Strattera. I take it all the way :D I have had root on ccTLDs and would be great if sponsored this way into the trade. I could end up a 10x engineer on Strattera, you never know !

New class of professional emerges on atomoxetine.

Strattera is working. Day 13. I feel amazing. It brings me to conduct myself professionally. I was once a crass and profanity using man, but not any longer. As the atomoxetine hits me prior to my 30 day notice at Evans Lane Wellness and Recovery Center I look forward to taking each and every day from a professional style of class that is essential for my survival. You see, I came from CityDrinker to the Peninsula and had some old adaptations to living that were not OK with the employment picture I want to be a part of.

16GB RAM for the Inspiron 5482 - Applied for Robinhood.

I am getting SSI stipend soon (maybe 2 more months). I have to get my bank statements and rental agreement for the SSA on Monday. I have to pick up my olanzapine medication from Enborg Lane pharmacy and go to DeAnza college in the same day. So it will be a journey to get everything accomplished. I've found putting effort in has results so I stay with it.

I applied for Systems engineer at Robinhood !!!

I seriously hope I get it. Menlo Park is an awesome place to live and work. You've got Palo Alto nearby and GED tutoring down the street from Santa Cruz Blvd. You've got free GED resources at Palo Alto adult school. I made sure to add a special note: let me know whatever it is I can do to get this job I will go above and beyond the requirement. So we will see.

Atomoxetine day 13

I feel it a bit. Last night I felt like walking to the library and being a Pythonista (for work and money, need a car). I had positive thought processes last night when things were negative. Today I felt it a little so far too. I got lifted when my friend Zhou liked my LinkedIn post. I felt like doing CI CD pipelines for practice. The urges to do things kicks in every now and then (the medication is hitting me in waves), but nothing solid yet.

Cracking a high salary: adapting to CI and CD DevOps

Also - Strattera day 12.

Cracking high salary DevOps, topic says it all! Need my SSI to start LinuxAcademy and I feel like if I understand CI and CD and have how to do the work down then I can beat an interview. Plus Strattera. Nothing like doing an interview and having no concept / understanding of the work!

Strattera Day 9, RE: Ability, Living my Dreams

This book is so comprehensive it is hard to concentrate and utilize in its power by only day 9. But sensations to do my dreams continue to hit me in waves. Strattera is poking through, should take another 10 days before I feel baseline. I'm on day 9. I almost have "hobbyist" down and am likely looking for work on DICE as a Linux administrator. Have my C++ certificate (scored 99%) from MSJC. I might also consider Goodwill since it isn't dead end (food service and the like) to my career trajectory and beats panhandling.

I have started fighting to adapt to DevOps/SRE out of CityDrinker and it just gets better (Strattera).

Found a new favorite song: Con Calma music is so much nicer on Strattera (on day 9). Anyway, I'm doing an employment related post because I feel like employers watch you and are on to bad candidates so I need to paint a better picture for myself out there. This should improve my outlook as I have little time left until graduation of my probation.

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